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descriptionrules of trashpost dot net Emptyrules of trashpost dot net

if you wanna shitpost here you have to follow these simple rules

no racism/sexism/queerphobia of any kind. if if it is bad enough (e.g. saying nazi shit) you will be permabanned
no porn/gore. will be instant permaban (forumotion does not like porn)
no promotion of any server without explicit mod/admin permission
no harassment of any members inside or outside of the server.


try not to be dicks towards others
if someone is telling you "hey, this is probably not cool dude" idk consider what they're saying

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descriptionrules of trashpost dot net EmptyRe: rules of trashpost dot net

dont call other people slurs

i'll update rules when someone does something bad enough for me to update this idk
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