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descriptionfuck "vaccine economics" Emptyfuck "vaccine economics"

the fact that there's someone allowed to make the executive decision of who lives and dies based on their percieved worthiness for the vaccine is awful.

it should literally be first given to those who are more likely to be harmed by it and then it trickled down. someone's age or social background should not be a factor, only their ability to die from covid if not treated.

i'm really skeptical that we're adopting something that is not just purely a harm reduction/prevention model for rolling out this vaccine and it scares me.

descriptionfuck "vaccine economics" EmptyRe: fuck "vaccine economics"

i'm scared there will be young (especially type 2) diabetics that despite their proclivity will be seen are either more abled or their illness as punishment for their decisions and thus will be refused life saving care.
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